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UFC 175
UFC 175
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  Pride 33 USA Event Program

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Pride FC 33 was THE LAST EVER Pride Event in the USA! The UFC announced that they had bought Pride shortly after this show. This was one of the best events in the history of MMA (we were there...). The fight between Dan Henderson and Wanderlei Silva was spectacular with Wand taking the "Nestea plunge" by one of Dangerous Dan's right's. Even more amazing was the fight between Nick Diaz and Takanori Gomi, which ended in a Gogoplata of Gomi (the second time in MMA history that a fight ended with that submission). Diaz and Gomi beat the living shit out of each other and neither would fall, it was absolutely amazing. Most of the other fights ended in KO's or TKO's as well. Pictured on the inside spread are four of the greatest MMA fighters of all time: Fedor Wand, Henderson, and Gomi! This is a really cool kick-ass program. Pride always spent the $ making their programs and posters look great! These are hard to find NOW and will be extremely RARE down the road... FREE SHIPPING in the USA and Canada!
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