Bad Boy MMA and MMA Collector…

MMA Collector has just joined forces with one of THE BEST MMA Clothing Companies EVER!!!  Bad Boy MMA! ( and MMA Collector ( will be auctioning off One-of-a-Kind and Limited Edition MMA Memorabilia in the weeks and months to come that will benefit the victims in Japan that were affected by the recent tragedy there. Details of the MMA Memorabilia and the auctions will be available soon and we are hoping to raise a lot of money and also awareness of just how bad relief is needed for the survivors  in Japan right now. Among the items will be a TUF 13 Junior Dos Santos Bad Boy brand glove signed by JDS and his two trainers from the show. This is the only glove like this in existence, a true one-of-one. A certificate of Authenticity from Bad Boy MMA will accompany all items and MMA Collector will verify the authenticity of every item as well.
The Limited Edition items (that are in development) are being designed with the MMA Collector in mind… we are sure these items will generate interest in the MMA Collecting community. Between the Kick-Ass products that Bad Boy MMA offers and has access to… and the EXPERT knowledge that MMA Collector has regarding the MMA Memorabilia marketplace… This project is sure to benefit the die-hard professional MMA Collectors and new guys alike!

WAND checking out MMA Collector t-shirt design!

Wanderlei Silva checking out our first MMACollector t-shirt design!

WAND Wanderlei Silva MMA Collector shirt

WAND Checking out MMA Collector shirt! Thanks Coop Diddy!