The information provided in the MMA Collector “Fake vs Real” posts is Copyright 2011 MMA Collector L.L.C. Using this information is illegal without prior written permission or without giving source credit. A lot of time has been spent and lot of research has been done to bring these “fakes” into the public eye. We are staking our reputation on this information, this is what we do. MMA Collector has been buying, selling, and trading MMA Memorabilia for over 10 years. During this time we have purchased and obtained MANY fake items. Until now we have just stored them away to study and to make sure our associates and customers did not get screwed. We have decided recently that is in the best interest of the public to disclose this extremely sensitive information. One of our customers actually had Royce and Helio Gracie sign his UFC 5 poster… little did he know it was a fake. Hopefully the information we provide here will be used to protect MMA Collectors worldwide and start to combat the rise in fake MMA Memorabilia that has started to surface exponentially in recent years.

The individual that was distributing this fake UFC 5 poster was also responsible for selling hundreds (maybe thousands) of other fake MMA Posters as well… we have determined that the UFC 11 poster, the “There Are No Rules” circa UFC 2-3 poster, UFC 22 poster, Pride 3 poster, Pride GP 2000 “#1 Warrior version” poster, Colleseum 2000 poster that they were selling for OVER 7 YEARS on Ebay were ALL FAKES. When confronted about 3 years ago the individual stopped selling these posters as advised and basically dissappered a few months later. From time to time they resurface on Ebay selling Pride FC trading cards and rumor has it that they still circulate a list of posters via email to a “select” customer base. This individual was not just selling these fake posters they were selling legitimate MMA Memorabilia as well for many years and at that time was the most respected source of “Authentic” MMA memorabilia IN THE WORLD.  To Be Continued…

UFC/SEG Passes Real vs. Fake?

November, 2010

If you purchased a pass from premiereticketz, fighterchic90, or starsnmagic1, IT IS FAKE!!! We have determined them to be fake. The passes are ALL COMING from Evansville, Indiana (dropped shipped). The sellers list a Vegas location on the Ebay account but ship from SAME LOCATION in Indiana… dont listen to the stories being told. THESE ARE FAKE. Hopefully you used a credit card to purchase with Paypal or you may have a problem getting a refund. Go through your Credit Card company and demand a refund. There are NUMEROUS differences between the fakes and an authentic pass, the fakes being sold now used press-on lettering to get the holographic effect… the “L” does not have a serrif on the fakes…Contact us if you have any questions! ***UPDATE*** two of the sellers have taken down all seg passes that were listed for sale! HURRY AND GET A REFUND BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!

UFC 5 Poster Real vs Fake…

UFC 5 Poster Fake vs Real
Comparing a Fake vs Real UFC 5 Poster

Here is a side-by-side comparison of a Fake UFC 5 Poster and an Authentic UFC 5 Poster. Below is a picture of the bottom of a FAKE UFC 5 poster… if you ever wondered if your UFC 5 is Authentic or FAKE, here is the information you need to make that determination.